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This Young Porn star has promised supporters FREE porn videos to go against Donald Trump

This is coming from a really TOP porn star who thinks she is doing her part for Obamacare. And to get it right in her sense, she is presenting every supporter free porn videos, on one condition though; and that’s if they complain about Donald Trump.

She is no other person by name Lena Paul, who is the star of Breast Worship 5 & also Doctor Adventures. Just as to be expected, she has been swamped with loads of replies right after making the astounding offer to all her Twitter followers.

Lena promised just anybody who had proof of them calling their senator to protest about Donald Trump’s healthcare bill and free porn. She also provided the supporters - a mobile number and asked them to send in excerpts of them protesting about the bill. Lena said in a note: "Forward to me a short video of you contacting your senator about this healthcare bill & I will forward you a vast load of free porn movies to enjoy; seriously."

For those that doubted the gorgeous brunette on this challenge, they were soon confirmed wrong when Lena mentioned that she had already forwarded out £500 value of xrated materials. She also said; that she hadn’t even made a dent in the volume of individuals that contacted their senators today!

The porn star’s notes have been retweeted more than 250 times, so we can say that she could be forking out for a lot more porn in this regards. Well, in spite of Lena’s opinion, several other porn stars have backed President Donald Trump.

Free porn and white house matters; indeed!

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